Daniel T. Roberts

Incoming Harvard Gov PhD Student – All things Political Economy!


Welcome to my Personal Website! I am an Incoming PhD student and Carl J. Friedrich Fellow in the Department of Government at Harvard University (Starting Fall 2018). I aspire to do research on all things Political Economy – with the broad connotations that entails both substantively and methodologically. At present, I plan to focus on how financial systems reflect and effect socio-economic inequality both within and across nations.

You’ll be able to find my (presently non-existent) CV and details on research in progress on this site. I will also be hosting my personal Political Economy blog here (title forthcoming!). Any opinions offered here are entirely my own, and do not represent the views of any institution to which I belong. For more disclaimer heavy and errata laden inanity, follow me on twitter – @DanielT_Roberts.

While my background is in Economics (B.A. 2016 University of Chicago – followed by two years as a New York Fed Research RA), my present commitment is to social science and political thought broady, working primarily within Political Science. I am always open to conversations (research-oriented or otherwise) with political scientists, economists, sociologists, philosophers, historians, journalists, theologians, and anyone else interested in society and human institutions past, present, and future. Drop me a line – danielroberts@g.harvard.edu!